How we use and protect data 


Data ownership matters. The only data we have on our panelists is the data they report to us in our official survey work. That data is immediately anonymized to preserve the key characteristics we learn about a person, without tying that information to a specific panelist. 

How we make money


If we could, we'd just study the big stuff - health, financial trends, technology, politics and all of the other major frontiers of our fast-changing world. To do that sustainably, we partner with organizations who are similarly devoted to understanding young people. Some are private companies fascinated in the potential for new technology, and some are nonprofits or media companies looking for original research to communicate to the general public. That revenue is - almost exclusively - invested back into the direct operation and growth of the Generation Lab.


About The Generation Lab's respondent panelWe have designed, recruited and maintained a nationally-representative panel of young people - all of whom have been chosen to represent the voice of their generation. Respondents share their views, represent America's youth and earn immediate incentives by answering digitally-delivered surveys through email or text message.

How our polls work

If you've been selected, you should have seen an ad from one of our official recruitment accounts.


  • Take Generation Lab surveys by web, by mobile phone or email.

  • Get rewards, up to $5 or more, for each survey you complete.

  • Most surveys take 1 to 3 minutes. If they take longer, we will give you more rewards.

  • Surveys cover key topics that matter: news and social trends, new technology, health, and the economy.

  • Your privacy and confidentiality are carefully guarded. You control your personal information, and we protect your information. We will never share your information to clients or telemarketers without your permission.




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