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Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Generation Lab's Respondent Panel?
We have designed, recruited and maintained a nationally-representative panel of respondents - all of whom have been chosen to represent the voice of their generation. Respondents share their views and earn immediate incentives by answering digitally-delivered surveys through email or text message.

How does it work?
If you've been selected, you should have seen an ad from one of our official recruitment accounts. After signing up, here are your next steps:

  • Take Generation Lab surveys by web, by mobile phone or email.

  • Get rewards, up to $5 or more, for each survey you complete.

  • Most surveys take 1 to 8 minutes. If they take longer, we will give you more rewards.

  • Surveys cover key topics that matter: news and social trends, new technology, health, and the economy.

  • Your privacy and confidentiality are carefully guarded. You control your personal information, and we protect your information. We will never share your information to clients or a marketing agency without your permission.

How do you use and protect data?
Data ownership matters. The data we have on our panelists is the data they voluntarily report to us in our official survey work collected according to our Terms of Service. Our Privacy Policy governs how we utilize the information. The data is maintained on an encrypted platform, and we utilize a variety of security measures to protect any and all data. Any data reported to our partners or clients are anonymized to maintain privacy and to ensure no response or information can be tracked to our panelists.


Why was I invited?
You were invited because you live in an area that is within our sampling frame. You can learn more about how we came up with our frame by looking at our methodology. We utilize almost no targeting beyond location to reduce bias in our recruitment process.


What are the surveys about?
The surveys cover a variety of topics: your views on health, education, policy, your habits, as well as products that you like, don’t like.


Am I making a difference by joining this panel?
Our findings have been in Congressional correspondence, business publications, and we are frequently featured in major media outlets. Our research is shaping decisions that have enormous impacts. By taking part in our panel, you are informing those decision-makers!


Why the Generation Lab? 
The Generation Lab is dedicated to understanding Americans for business, media, and government. Our focus allows us to conduct unparalleled research! That is why we invite you to help us.


​How do you make money?
We partner with organizations that are similarly devoted to understanding people. Some are private companies fascinated by the potential for new technology, and some are nonprofits or media companies looking for original research to communicate to the general public. 


How do I contact the Generation Lab?
You can contact us with any questions or concerns via email at


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