Taking the temperature of   young Americans


Our Products

Custom Polling

From a one-day snapshot poll, to a multi-year longitudinal study, we answer our clients’ distinct questions. Using the deepest and most expansive reach to young people, we conduct demographic-targeted polling and deliver granular insights.

Product Testing

Our deep reach to young people enables you to test your messaging, product, initiative, or idea on thousands of young people. With a vast respondent database, we provide detailed insights including segmented information about user experience.

Rigorous Research

Consulting & Analysis

We tackle big, critical questions that leading scholars, non-profits, and businesses are confronting. Through a blend of targeted polling and practical insights, our team will steer you soundly in navigating the youth terrain.

Rigorous scientific research is at the core of the Generation Lab’s DNA. We work with academic institutions, non-partisan civic organizations, and other groups to understand America's youth with comprehensive, scientific approaches.

Full-Access Package

We guide our partners ahead of the curve. Our total-access insight package gives you exclusive access to a combination of custom polling, proprietary industry reports, and consulting sessions through a simple, cost-effective subscription.