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Generation Lab gives sharper texture to the central question: what will gaming look like 10 years from now? 500 young people - ranging from novices to advanced gamers - tell us what to expect.


Background: The US gaming industry is at a crucial turning point for a number of major trends. Companies including Netflix, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Zoom, Google, Microsoft, Sony, and more have been jumping to grasp at what could be a multi-hundred-billion dollar industry with cloud gaming, casual gaming, social interactions in gaming, VR and more. Young people represent the largest slice of a market that is expected to grow $52bn in the next four years.1


  • Soon: The mobile wave companies have been riding for the last few years is expected to continue and give way to a new surge wherein gaming becomes a nexus for other forms of online interaction (social, ecommerce, media consumption, etc.) and more “non-gamers” are sucked into the world of video games.


So: are young adults buying this transformation? How can companies avoid the high-profile failures seen when technology and demand don’t line up?

GAMING, tomorrow

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