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Young people cloud Twitter's next chapter

The backdrop: for social platforms to thrive, they need young users. MySpace, Friendster, AOL and Facebook have all lost major clout as young people filed out. Elon Musk's big visions for Twitter will have to land with young users - the group that sets the pace, makes tastes and keeps gates in the short history of social media.

What's happening: Elon Musk is framing his Twitter bid as the salvation of free speech on social media. But, young people don't seem to see the same social speech crisis that's come to define the takeover attempt.

So, we asked young people about some of the key assumptions at the core of Elon Musk's attempt:

  1. Can people speak freely on social media?

  2. Do you trust humans or algorithms to build your feed?

  3. What sorts of speech should be removed from Twitter?

Axios-Generation Lab poll | n=867 | April 25th - May 1st | m.o.e: +/- 3.4

Axios April Survey Final Toplines (1)
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