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The student job comeback

(JP Morgan)

Things are lookin' up (all things being relative, of course)

The backdrop: Last year, Generation Lab found that 38% of students with jobs for the Summer had them cancelled, and another 37% had their work delayed or altered significantly.

So, we partnered with Morning Brew to understand the youth job climate in the first "post-COVID Summer."

Here's what we found.


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Morning Brew Snap Report (1)
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Morning Brew + Generation Lab Poll | n=501 | June 8-10

Summer Jobs ➢ 69% of students have a part-time or full-time job lined up for this summer


➢ 31% of students biggest concern about work this summer is understaffing issues

➢ Only 25% say they fear healthy and safety issues

Job Search

➢ Student job seekers found finding a job easier this year than last

➢ Nearly one-third didn’t seek a job at all

In-Person Work ➢ Students want to work in person three days a week

Job Finders

➢ The largest portion of students found summer work through friends or family

➢ 18% of students say job board sites are where they found employment

Financial Security

➢ Over half of respondents say they sought work to pay for either personal or school expenses

➢ 28% of respondents sought employment to gain experience

Sector popularity ➢ 20% of students are working in the healthcare industry this summer

Summer Applications

➢ The median number of jobs applied to this summer by students was two

➢ 8% of students applied to over 20 jobs this summer

Higher Wage ➢ 43% say they are getting paid more this summer



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