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Young people like vaccine mandates


Overview: The youth are coming to bat in a big spot. America's vaccine supply is swelling as demand dims. Now that Americans older than 12 have vaccine access, it's a matter of turning eligibility into inoculation.

So, how will unvaccinated youth approach vaccine eligibility, and will young people return to vaccine-optional settings?

Most young people would return to places where vaccines aren't required (63%)

• Most unvaccinated young people say: bring on the vaccine (66% of unvaccinated).

  • So: mandates could un-jam the vaccine plateau (even though they're not necessary to pull young people back onto campuses or workplaces.


  • Young people are pathologically open-minded - they're willing to take the vaccine even if they've held out so far.

What's next?

  • Business leaders, university administrators and school districts now have a major chance to compel the still-skeptical to get vaccinated.

More numbers

  • 37% say they would refuse to return to a campus or workplace that doesn't require students or workers to get vaccinated.

  • 74% say people should have to get vaccinated to return to work or campus.

  • Of those not vaccinated, 66% would get vaccinated if their school/employer mandates vaccinations.


Axios/Generation Lab Youth Poll | May 5-8 | N=928

1 - Should people have to get vaccinated to return to campus or work?

  • Yes - definitely: 42%

  • Yes - probably: 32%

  • No - probably: 11%

  • No - definitely: 16%

2 - (Among unvaccinated) If you are not vaccinated and your school or work requires it, will you:

  • Get the vaccine: 66%

  • Transfer to a school without vaccine requirements: 15%

  • Refuse, and still try to enroll: 13%

  • Take a leave from school: 5%

  • Forge proof: 2%

    • (excluding none of the above)

3 - Would you refuse to return to a campus or workplace that doesn't require students or workers to get vaccinated?

  • Yes - definitely: 14%

  • Yes - probably: 23%

  • No - probably: 38%

  • No - definitely: 25%

4 - Would you consider transferring if your school doesn't commit to in-person learning next school year?

  • Yes - definitely: 9%

  • Yes - probably: 12%

  • No - probably: 44%

  • No - definitely: 36%

5 - What grade would you give the college experience this past year?

  • Average grade = 2.41 G.P.A, C+

6 - What grade would you give your school experience the year BEFORE the pandemic?

  • Average grade = 3.43, B+

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