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Generation Lab to launch EXPERTS NETWORK database

Contact: Generation Lab | | 202-870-0210

[WASHINGTON, D.C.] — OVERVIEW: In a rapidly evolving world filled with complex challenges, the need for informed decision-making has never been more critical. Yet, the age-old practice of consulting a limited circle of experts has left us with fragmented perspectives and conflicting insights.

  • Generation Lab’s Expert Network, an innovative initiative that seeks to revolutionize how we access and utilize expert opinions.

The Problem: When it comes to addressing the world's most pressing issues, we often rely on the voices of a select few "experts." Whether in journalism, policymaking, or corporate boardrooms, the prevailing approach has been to grasp at isolated shreds of analysis from the nearest available source.

The Prescription: Leaders in policy, media, business, and beyond urgently require a simplified, comprehensive view of how a representative cross-section of experts perceives the critical challenges we face.

The Solution: We proudly introduce the Expert Network: a visionary concept that entails creating a comprehensive database encompassing nearly every professor at every college and university in America, along with experts from every think tank and research organization. This vast reservoir of knowledge will enable us to draw random, scientifically-curated samples of experts to offer insights into the nation's most pressing issues.

The Impact: The Expert Network promises to be a cornerstone study that leaders across academia, media, policy, and the private sector will rely upon for authoritative insights. No longer will our Senators, CEOs, and media pundits engage in debates without consulting a scientifically-selected sample of subject matter experts.

  • Academia: This invaluable data will serve as a touchstone for scholars and academic leaders, grounding their debates and inspiring follow-up research, conversations, and strategic initiatives.

  • Media: Leading news outlets will have at their disposal a clear, authoritative source reflecting the views of subject-matter experts on top-of-mind issues. Say goodbye to random clusters of experts; the Expert Network provides a credible reference point.

  • Policy: Our elected officials, from Congress to the Presidential Cabinet, will have access to comprehensive, expert-driven insights into the issues they grapple with daily.

What It Aims to Solve: The perennial battle of dueling "experts" will become a relic of the past. In situations like the Coronavirus pandemic or the 2020 Presidential Election, Americans will no longer need to rely on selected experts to validate their positions. Instead, we can turn to statistically-viable insights from the most qualified individuals.

Summary: The Expert Network is poised to redefine how we approach decision-making, ensuring that we are better equipped to address the world's challenges. Join us in this transformative journey towards a future where every major question is met with the input of a scientifically-selected sample of subject matter experts.

For media inquiries and further information, please contact Generation Lab at



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