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AOC gets early youth nod for 2024

The political ground is shaking ahead of November's presidential election, yet some are already sketching out the post-election landscape. Young voters have new power, not only from making up a larger slice of the electorate, but for their impact on intra-party discourse.

We surveyed students on who they might consider voting for in the next presidential cycle (other than Donald Trump or Joe Biden). The results mark the first score in the battle for youth votes in a cycle where Gen Z will make up an even bigger share of the electorate.

Here's what we found.

Good Luck America/ College Reaction Poll | Sep. 2-4 | n=868 | m.o.e = 3.3

Who do you support for President in 2020?

  • Biden:  72%

  • Trump: 17%

  • Other: 11%

Who would you consider voting for in 2024?

(Among Biden voters, n=625)

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez: 64%

  • Kamala Harris: 37%

  • Pete Buttigieg: 35%

  • Gretchen Whitmer: 29%

  • Stacey Abrams: 28%

(Among Trump voters, n=148)

  • Ted Cruz: 43%

  • Mike Pence: 38%

  • Nikki Haley: 30%

  • Marco Rubio: 30%

  • Donald Trump Jr.: 25%


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