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Poll: Sanders takes lead for student vote

The topline: The student vote is all but settled. Biden took charge early, only to lose ground to Elizabeth Warren. Despite Warren's steady march upward, she has now ceded the student vote to the candidate most assumed had it all along: Bernie Sanders.

Takeaways: Sanders' ascent tells us several things: the student vote is fluid, and will likely not take take final shape until late.

• While Warren and Sander's have each taken massive dips and rises, Joe Biden has hung steady at ~13% since surrendering his head start in April.

• Trump, like Biden, has maintained rock-solid status, polling just below 20% since April. They both seem more change-resistant than candidates like Warren, Buttigieg and Sanders.

• Yang is still hovering around 10% - his supporters will be an important bloc to capture if he is not the nominee himself.

Axios/College Reaction | December 2-4 | n=1,026 respondents

Sanders  22.5%    (+7.0 since October)

Trump   17.3%    (-0.1)

Warren   15.9%    (-3.6)

Biden    12.3%    (-0.8)

Yang     9.3%    (-1.1)

Buttigieg  8.2%    (+1.7

Harris    2.8%    (-2.3)

Bloomberg 2.6%   (*)

Gabbard  2.0%    (+0.5)

Booker   1.7%    (+0.3)

Klobuchar 1.2%

Castro   1.1%

Weld     0.9%

Bennet   0.7%

Walsh    0.6%

Delaney  0.3%

Patrick   0.3%

Steyer    0.3%

Williamson 0.2%


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