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As colleges mull re-opening, majority of students ready to return

(Cyrus Beschloss | College Reaction)

Higher education is trying to pave the path forward. University administrators are locked in debate as an array of college presidents and administrators pitch blueprints to re-open campus.

Our latest research complicates the calculus.

Here's what's new: Though the majority still plan to flock back for class in the fall, 31 percent of students say they will continue distance learning if their college re-opens in the fall without a coronavirus vaccine or cure. 

The financials: 78 percent of students say they need their colleges to reduce tuition at least 5-percent if distance learning continues into the fall.

Jobs? The slow-motion job bleed continues as 80 percent of student jobs have been canceled, delayed or moved remote by the coronavirus outbreak.

Below are the results of the latest Axios/College Reaction Poll on COVID-19.

Axios/College Reaction Poll  | n= 835 students | May 8-10 | Coronavirus

Key Findings

1. Jobs:

  • 27% of students say they have a full-time job this summer

  • 23% say they have a part-time job 

2. If colleges re-open in-person for the Fall (without a vaccine or cure):

  • 31% say they would only attend virtually

  • 65% say they would attend in-person classes

  • 4% say they would withdraw from school temporarily

3. Of those who had jobs going into the coronavirus outbreak:

  • 37% have been canceled

  • 43% have been postponed or made remote

4. Tuition:

  • 81% say their college must reduce tuition at least 5%

5. Distance learning effects:

  • 45% say they attend class less often

  • 71% are more distracted by their computer and cell phone

  • 71% are distracted by things going on at home


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