Jira Smith

Research Analyst

Jira received a B.A. in Human Biology at Stanford University during which she concentrated in the study of “Reducing Health Disparities Through Policy and Economics”. Fittingly, Jira is very interested in how policy can be enacted in order to improve the welfare of marginalized members of a community. Jira is continuing her education by pursuing an M.A. in Public Policy at Stanford through which she will explore the impact of health and education policy on youth. 


While at Stanford, Jira was a member of the Women’s Club Basketball team, for which she served as President during her sophomore year. Jira also has been heavily involved with the national organization Coaching Corps as a volunteer sports coach, and she received a Community Advocacy Award for her work with the Palo Alto Housing Authority. She is very passionate about education and youth and has spent several summers working at educational non-profits in the Atlanta area. Additionally, Jira has founded Brainstream Tutoring along with her sister to provide student-athletes around the country with quality supplemental education. 

Why study youth?

It’s so important to understand youth because youth determine our future. If people want to be proactive in shaping policies or innovation for the future, it is totally necessary to understand the way that youth think and the types of issues that youth are passionate about. As a society, we can progress to be more just and advanced by understanding the attitudes, desires, and beliefs of youth.