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what this is

a periodic survey of the leading authors, voices and minds in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and computer science.

why it exists

as leaders in business, government and media face the top issues of our time, we desperately need a clear and authoritative breakdown of how the brightest minds see the issue.

about the ideal employer and workplace, and recruitment they hope to see

how it works

Generation Lab & Axios identify and survey a small pool of the most distinguished voices in academia and research to give insight into the issues we as a society are debating in real time.

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the impact

1. Media: Television, print and online news cover the findings, and journalists will use the data in their articles, interviews and analysis.
2. Policy: Members of Congress, Senate, and other government branches will use this data internally, and discuss it externally as a basis for – or case against – various strategies.​ 
3. Private sector: Fortune 500, and other corporate executives will use this data to make decisions (communications, operations, and beyond).

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