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Accuracy is our first priority. We employ a comprehensive methodology with academic rigor and sophistication. Our approach blends tried-and-true strategies with innovative techniques being developed by leading scholars and statisticians. 

We value your time. With the capacity to return polling results rapidly, we give you immediate insight, followed by deeper context and analysis. Our work can follow a 24-hour turn-around poll or a 2-year longitudinal study.

We research topics that matter. Our research seeks truth on critical issues of our time, and major questions posed by our partners in business, media, and government. We explain how young people think, decide and act.

Our expertise comes from a sharp focus on young people. This commitment to understanding youth trends, habits, and views allows us to target specific groups within American youth that are hard to reach and adds more texture to our insights.



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Generation Lab studies key social, political, economic, and health trends shaping the world of America's youth.


Through original polling, methodical research, and consulting, we aim to translate young people for media, businesses, and the American public.

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The Generation Lab "is giving marketers, news outlets and others a peek into the average college student’s mind with polls."

"A platform for college students to share their opinions about the issues du jour"

"One of the most reliable guides to college-student opinion"


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